On the occasion of the 150th  anniversary of the creation of the photography and its presentation to the Academy of Sciences of Paris, the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía - EAF and Fotomundo magazine decided to organize an event, in August 1989,  inspired by the Rencontres of Arles, France, with the purpose of creating a space for exchange and communication between photographers from all disciplines, places and origins.
Since then, and for 10 years, the Encuentros Abiertos took place in Buenos Aires City.
Until 1993 they carried out at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía. The following year, given the large number of people, began to occur in the Banco Patricios Foundation. In 1997 were realized at the Centro cultural Recoleta, and, since 1998, the main place has been the French Alliance of Buenos Aires, where takes place the week of lectures and the Forum of Portfolios. Since then, the exhibitions had already taken all the rooms of the museums of the city, most of them exhibiting for the first time photography.
In 1992 Encuentros Abiertos invited for the first time an international artist, the Spanish photographer Rafael Navarro. The following year, the special guest was Lucien Clergue, creator and director of the Rencontres of Arles. The Encuentros Abiertos became the first international festival of Latin America.
In 1980 had began the Mois la Photo in Paris and in 1983 FotoFest, Houston.
In 1998 fifteen festivals of different cities of the world created the Festival of Light. This group is integrated nowadays by 27 festivals of five continents.
The Encuentros Abiertos became Encuentros Abiiertos - Festival de La Luz.
Since then acquired biennial periodicity, occurring during August and September of even years. The Festival began to develop a huge program of exhibitions of national and international photographers in different museums, cultural centers and spaces of art, literally, all over the country.

Elda Harrington

Alejandro Montes de Oca

Lucien Clergue dictando su taller en la Escuela Argentina de Fotografía durante los V Encuentros.

Jean Claude Lemagny analiza portfolios durante los VII Encuentros Abiertos.

Annemarie Heinrich firma libros durante los III Encuentros Abiertos.

Ralph Gibson durante su taller en los VI Encuentros Abiertos.

Rafael Navarro dicta una taller de fotografía de desnudo durante los IV Encuentros Abiertos.

Humberto Rivas durante los VII Encuentros Abiertos.

Pablo Delano con Bequer Casaballe y Horacio Coppolla en los VII Encuentros Abiertos.

Rubén Gordé